Professional Profile

Started career as an interior designer; professional activity rapidly expanded and now includes designing residential and commercial buildings, as well as restoring buildings, often religious ones. 
Author of essays and articles on the history of several locations and on landscape issues. 
Expert in communication, for several years also worked in advertising and publishing. 
Founded MERCANTI EDITORE, a publishing house specializing in sites of historic and cultural interest around the world, the arts, and landscape. 
Active in the art world, in 2010 drew up an agreement between the Livio IV Odescalchi Foundation and the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg. 
At the behest of the Italian Institute of Bioarchitecture, co-authored the procedure for the evaluation of the energy and environmental sustainability of rehabilitated buildings located in the protected natural areas and parks of Latium (Regione Lazio) and converted into tourist accommodation structures; and co-authored the pilot project for performing an energy audit of the region’s natural parks. 
Appointed by the Regione Lazio administration to draw up guidelines (later incorporated in the relevant Regional Law) for the rehabilitation of pre-existing buildings using bio-construction techniques. 
Appointed Commissioner for the Evaluation of Environmental Impact by the Ministry for the Environment (2007-2008). 
Appointed Commissioner by the Regione Lazio’s Committee for Communications (2004-2007). 
Several of his projects have been featured in architectural publications and TV programs: 
− Six episodes in the Case e Stili series on the SKY-ALICE TV network, 2007: “La casa Totem,” “Casa d’artista,” “Casa romana,” “Decò contemporaneo,” “Intrusioni nel classico,” Ritocco contemporaneo”
− “La casa Totem,” Progettare, December 2006
− “L’identità restituita,” Architectural Digest, March 2006  − “Centro commerciale Sisto,” Giuseppe, June 2001
− “L’anima contadina della capitale,” Architectural Digest, March 1998  From 1987 to 2001 worked as dubbing actor in television shows (including Star Trek: Next Generation, Dynasty, Mamma Lucia, La valle dei pini, Simon Wiesenthal, and The Robinsons) and collaborated in the making of a number of Italian TV series. 
 “Targa d’argento” award from the President of the Italian Republic, 2007